Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outline of first term paper

This is the outline for my analysis of the laws of physics in the movie Spirited Away, by Hayao Miyazaki.


a. The laws of gravity and physics are portrayed correctly under “everyday” circumstances through out the movie.
b. Physic and gravity is compromised because of magical powers in the bath house, dragons, and exaggerated expressions.
c. Analyzing what was correct about the falls in Spirited Away and pointing out which details did not follow physical laws.
d. Thesis: Spirited Away was a very intelligent and highly detailed film in terms of understanding basic laws of physics enough to make the the film highly realistic, and only manipulated those laws when it was necessary for story telling purposes.


A. Evidence of correct laws of physics.
1. In the car, Chihiro is pulled back when the car is moving fast.
2. Things off in the distance move slower than ones that are closer.
3. When Chihiro turns her head, hair spins outwards, following centripidal force.
4. Objects such as gold and plates of food fall with the right timing.

B. Laws of physics and gravity compromised
1. A tiny fly is lugging a mouse five times its size.
2. General magical powers of levitation of Ubaba and Haku.
3. When Haku runs, it is unrealistic, almost levitates.
4. Wind blows through skirts, they float back down too slowly.
5. When Chirio is angry, surprised, or struck with sudden emotion, her hair stands on end, and often holds that position.
6. Haku and Chihiro walk through flower bushes, they move to fast past them for the pace they are walking.

C. Dramatic falls that obey and disobey the laws of gravity.
1. The force of the fall on the steps propels Chihiro down the stairs, running at a high speed.
Chihiro runs across the pipe and they brake off the wall they are nailed to, but instead of falling because of the weight of Chihiro they propel horizontally away from the wall.
2. Chihiro and Haku the dragon are falling, the mice and fly are getting lifted up in the air, even though they are on top of them.

a. Repeat thesis.
b. The point this paper is trying to make and what is the purpose for writing it.

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  1. Good choice for the movie and your outline looks solid. Full credit (10 points)