Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Second Term Paper Outline

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Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris


Analysis of Jue’s, lead female character, action scene in the Matrix on the way to the mailbox. Three laws of physics are defied during her jumps, falls, and landings:

a. Jue jumps out of a window, falls a long distance, and lands on a roof yet momentum is not shown because there is no reaction of her landing on the roof, or on her.

b. First jump from roof to balcony railing does not follow correct timing for a fall because she is propelled to a higher speed in the middle of the fall.

c. Defying gravity while also not following through with the path of action and rotation of her center of gravity when Jue does a headstand in a land on top of railing .


Jue can manipulate the laws of physics while in the world of the matrix, yet there are many inconguences in how the artificial environment reacts to her and how she responds to it.


A. Lack of momentum in the roof landing

1. Momentum of Jue is amplified because she does not have the expected mass of a normal woman while in the Matrix. (more dense).

2. Impulse should be higher on the landing because the force of the roof is larger than Jue is. The egg demo: Jue would smash like an egg on the wall.

3. When Jue lands on the ground at the end of the falling scene, a shock wave hits the earth, yet the same thing does not happen to the roof on the landing.

B. Incorrect timing in a fall with lack of momentum following.

1. Jue’s body propels like a rocket in the fall right after a very slow slow out into the fall. Defies the laws of gravity.

2. Also does not show the reaction of the momentum in the landing. The balcony railing does not shake or react at all when Jue lands on it.

C. Defying gravity

1. With Jue’s center of gravity being around her hips, if she were to land on her hands from that high of a fall, her body would propel her to topel over and fall off the railing.

2. Physically impossible for her arms to save her from a fall that large, which defies gravity in itself.


People like Jue can bend the laws of physics in while in the Matrix because they know it is not reality. However, they can not control how the Matrix reacts to them and there are many incongruences in the actions of the environment around Jue.

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